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Baptist followers live, work, and witness in 124 countries of the world. Their fellowship encompassed 29,817,707 baptized believers in 1968.

The constitution of the Alliance, adopted in London in 1905, sets forth the following objectives:

1. more fully to show the essential oneness of the Baptist people in the Lord Jesus Christ,

2. to impart inspiration to the brotherhood, and

3. to promote the spirit of fellowship, service, and cooperation among its members.

As early as 1678, a Baptist in England, Thomas Grantham, wished ‘that all congregations of Christians of the world that are baptized according to the appointment of Christ would make one consistory at least sometimes to consider matters of difference among them.’ One hundred twelve years later, 1790, John Rippon, a British Baptist preacher, hymn writer, and editor, urged that all the baptized ministers and people of the world arrange ‘a delegation from all these climes meet, probably in London, to consult the church good of the whole Church.’

There are functions that are done on a world wide scale. The only thing that slows them up is the issue of money. These functions are:

1. An agency of communication between Baptists through publications, dissemination of news, film, radio, personal visits, and correspondence;

2. A forum for study and fraternal discussion of doctrines, practice, and ways of witness to the world;

3. A channel of cooperation in extending help to each other and those in need;

4. A vigilant force for safeguarding religious liberty and other God-given rights;

5. A sponsor of regional and world-wide gatherings for the furtherance of the gospel.

The world following of the Baptist Church has brought a awareness that differences between Baptists of various areas are minor and not a test of fellowship. They see a oneness in their faith and practice and their common recognition of Christ’s Lordship. This has resulted in a sense of harmony that crosses racial, cultural, geographical, and political barriers.



Hugo Atkinson